Police experiences with recording custodial interrogations

Police recording of custodial interrogations: A state-by-state legal inquiry

The recording of criminal interrogations ensures the integrity of the fact-finding process.

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The New York State Bar Association has long supported mandatory recording of complete custodial interrogations. New York is the only state that prohibits the introduction of photo arrays, which police show to witnesses as a way to identify individuals involved in a crime.

The phenomenon of false confessions

Funding from DCJS has been instrumental in this effort. Electronic recordings of custodial interrogations enhance the investigative process and assist in the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases.

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Videotaping Interrogations

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Filmed interrogations benefit both innocent suspects and police

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Legal Info. The Organisation and Charity Information. More information about our financial supporters is available here. Considering the availability of low-priced digital recorders and the equipment already in place, the cost will be minimal, but the benefits great.

There are now mandatory recording laws in more than 20 states, which have saved vast amounts of taxpayer dollars by discouraging frivolous lawsuits alleging officer misconduct, reducing the need for costly pre-trial hearings on motions to suppress confessions and lowering the risk of large civil damages awards for wrongful convictions. Truth and transparency prevent wrongful convictions and increase public confidence in the integrity and fairness of our criminal justice systems. Photo by Otis Blank. Thomas P.

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VII. Conclusion. Appendix A — Departments that currently record custodial interrogations the experiences of police and sheriff's departments that have. Request PDF | On Nov 1, , T.P. Sullivan and others published Police experiences with recording custodial interrogations | Find, read and cite all the.