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The Top 25 Web Searches of the First Decade

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  1. 'Meghan Markle' most googled person in UK in 2018?
  2. 10 Most Googled Celebrities In 2018 By Indians And Why They Became An Internet Sensation.
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Our Google searches say a lot about us both individually and collectively. Surprisingly, there's at least one person on this list you won't know. psyche is as simple as perusing Google's list of most-searched terms of the year. Younger sister of Kim Kardashian, Khloe nearly broke the internet this year. Google's Most-Searched Person in the U.S. of Isn't Meghan Markle so you might assume she'd be the year's most Googled person.

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Top Google searches (as of July 12222)

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Intrigue around actor and now-royal Meghan Markle also reached fever pitch with her wedding to Prince Harry taking place earlier this year. The issue of what exactly the backstop is in relation to Brexit popped up in the latter category, too. Data protection queries were also on the minds of the people, with many wondering what GDPR actually entailed.


Black Panther was the second most searched film and Bohemian Rhapsody rounded out the top three. The extreme weather was a running theme, with many Google users searching for ways to bleed radiators during the Beast from the East, and banish fruit flies during our unusually warm summer.

Man using Google search. Related: trending , search , Google , internet. Ellen Tannam is a writer covering all manner of business and tech subjects. Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience. You can also search for a specific phrase by including words in quotation marks.

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  • The Top 25 Web Searches of the First Decade.
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  • This Pop Star Is The Most Searched Person On The Internet In 2018?
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Google searches are not case sensitive. You can also use the following items within your keywords for Google searches: - minus sign. Causes Google to exclude a word from your search.

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For example, "JAWS" can refer to a screen reading software or a famous movie. You can exclude many of the movie-related hits by searching for "JAWS -movie. There will most likely still be links to videos on YouTube or other sources. Putting a phrase into quotes tells Google to look for the exact words in that exact order. Try typing different things such as names, phone numbers, and more to find people or things. Try a search for Freedom Scientific.

Use this link to go to the Google web site. On the results page, there are a couple of things you can do to get more information about the results of the search:. In addition to the information displayed on the initial results page, there are often links to more pages of information that meet your search criteria.

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These pages are reached by activating the link for the number of the page. Usually you will find links for additional pages 2 through 10 near the bottom of each page, along with a Next link. Each page beyond the first page also contains a number of items that match your search. The main Yahoo!

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Today's Top Stories. Bad luck, Ben. How old was Jodie when she filmed 'Taxi Driver'? Trend analysis: Before going solo, Beyonce started her career with the famous girl band, Destiny's Child. Web search engines.

This tends to cause the page to appear more cluttered than the Google site, but may prove itself useful to you as well. As with Google, when you first go to the Yahoo! Forms mode comes on automatically when you get to a web page which has the focus set to a blinking cursor in an edit box.

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