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Glossary. Version A—Real Property Assessment Guideline. Page Property Record Card Abbreviations. Number of stories in a dwelling. 1s. —one (1) story. How to properly fill out a property record card. • Material .. The base rate for agricultural land in Indiana is set each year .. use abbreviations and symbols.

Ritman has built a boutique insurance agency specialising in property and casualty with an emphasis on professional liability insurance for attorneys. Heritage Insurance to write property and casualty insurance in Georgia. Of the respondents who believe the property and casualty markets are hardening, just over half percent for property and 52 percent for casualty--indicated they expect the market to remain this way for the next two years.

Congress extends terrorism insurance program. To assist companies with their recovery efforts and thus help minimize property and casualty losses, CPAs should understand three steps insurance companies typically take in cases of property damage.

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Work like an insurance company to save money: the subrogation process can help businesses improve their bottom line. The Act defines "insured losses" as "any loss covered by property and casualty insurance that is caused by an "act of terrorism," if such loss: An update on Terrorism Risk. Generally, those are the sorts of things that we, as a property and casualty insurance company, try to stay away from. In files indexed with controlled vocabulary , an access point may be a preferred or nonpreferred term. Also refers to a physical location where wireless access is available.

In the management of academic libraries , the use of assessment data to evaluate a library 's effectiveness in achieving its educational mission , as a basis for continual improvement.

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The Committee on Accreditation may withdraw accreditation for serious lack of conformity to the Standards , for failure to participate in the evaluation process, or for not meeting financial obligations to the COA. In cartography , a measure of the degree to which the coordinate s of point s shown on a map conform to actual survey coordinates.

Farm Land Assessment for Property Taxes in Indiana, Part 1

Also refers to the department within a library responsible for selecting, ordering, and receiving new materials and for maintaining accurate records of such transactions, usually managed by an acquisitions librarian. In small libraries , the acquisitions librarian may also be responsible for collection development , but in most public and academic libraries , this responsibility is shared by all the librarians who have an active interest in collection building, usually on the basis of expertise and subject specialization.

For a more detailed description of the responsibilities entailed in acquisitions, please see the entry by Liz Chapman in the International Encyclopedia of Information and Library Science Routledge, Click here to connect to AcqWeb , an online resource for acquisitions and collection development librarians. Compare with accession. See also : Acquisitions Section. Also refers to a piece of legislation a bill after it has been passed into law example : Digital Millennium Copyright Act of In music, a work that is a distinct alteration of another musical work for example, a free transcription , or that paraphrase s parts of various works or imitates the style of another composer , or that is somehow based on another musical work AACR2.

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Cataloging follows the practice used for texts. See also : arrangement. Also, a written or spoken speech , especially a formal discourse in which the speaker's comments on an important issue or event are directed to a known audience examples : President George Washington's first Inaugural Address and Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. A funeral address is a tribute delivered, sometimes by a close associate or admirer, at the formal ceremony honoring a person after death.

The address at Lincoln's burial was delivered by the Reverend Matthew Simpson. Libraries catalog aerial photographs as cartographic materials. See also : orthophotograph , photomap , photomosaic , quad-centered photograph , and remote sensing image. For wetter books, the NEDCC recommends repeated interleaving with paper towels or clean, unprinted newsprint every few page s and placing clean blotter paper inside the front and back cover s.

The book should then be closed gently and stood on several sheet s of absorbent paper. Each time the interleaving is changed, the volume should be turned from head to tail or vice versa. Books must be completely dry before reshelving to prevent the spread of mold. Completely soaked books should be frozen and vacuum dried to minimize cockling of leaves and distortion of text block and binding. Vacuum freeze drying is also recommended for books printed on coated paper because the leaves adhere when wet, producing a condition known as blocking as the text block dries.

Complete removal requires a ducted air-conditioning system. Room air cleaners with synthetic and fiberglass filters remove particulates; activated carbon filters eliminate gaseous pollutants. Electrostatic precipitators are not recommended because they release damaging ozone and facilitate the conversion of sulfur dioxide to sulfuric acid.

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See also : caoutchouc binding , double-fan adhesive binding , notched binding , Otabind , perfect binding , and two-shot binding. The general rule that use of "down style" lowercase is preferred has been explicitly articulated to avoid overuse of capitalization Douglas G. Robert J. Most image search engine s include a default adult content filter that the user can turn off. ANSCR is used mainly by libraries holding large numbers of sound recordings. Because the antiphonal had to be visible to a group of singers, it was typically of large size, with text and notation written in large script.

Storing rare and valuable items in boxes or other protective covering can help minimize the effects of air pollution. Smoking should not be allowed near books because it introduces pollutants into the air. Synonymous with atmospheric pollution. To achieve Charlemagne's goal of replacing the Gallican with the Roman rite, Alcuin compiled liturgical work s, most notably a missal that was widely adopted, establishing uniformity in the liturgy of the Mass throughout the Western Church.

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In , he was appointed Abbot of St. Martin at Tours, where he focused on building a model monastic school and library, while supervising the production of a series of bibles for circulation among European monastic establishments. To facilitate copy ing, a new script known today as Carolingian minuscule was adopted, eventually becoming the basis of modern roman type.

Practical reforms, such as beginning a written sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a period , were also introduced.

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Whether Alcuin was a monk or a member of the secular clergy remains uncertain, but in any case, he died in at the end of a long and fruitful career. For more information about his life, see The Catholic Encyclopedia. Although the main library was damaged in 47 B. The smaller library was destroyed in A. In , UNESCO embarked on a project in cooperation with the government of Egypt to revive the Library at Alexandria as a center of culture, science, and academic research. Click here to connect to the homepage of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. See also : Pergamum.

Also, an assumed name, especially one adopted by a person engaged in illegal activity to avoid detection and possible prosecution. Compare with pseudonym.

In a more general sense, the lining up of type or graphic matter in relation to any common horizontal or vertical line for printing on a page or display on a computer screen. Almanacs have an important place in early Americana see the edition of Bannaker's Almanac , courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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They have also served as a vehicle for illustrator s see Kate Greenaway Almanack , courtesy of Special Collections , Univ. Mississippi Library. For a brief discussion of the history of alphabetization, please see the entry on "Alphabetization Rules" by Geoffrey Martin in the International Encyclopedia of Information and Library Science Routledge, In the preceding example, ES indicates that the recorded work is orchestral and of symphonic form, BEET that it was composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven, 5 that it is his fifth symphony, and O 98 that the performance was conducted by Eugene Ormandy and that the last two digits of the Columbia record number are ANSCR is used mainly by libraries holding large numbers of sound recordings.

Libraries with smaller collection s generally use accession number or some other "home-grown" classification system to organize sound recordings. Pronounced "answer. Additional amendments were issued in and The current version, Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second edition, Revision AACR2 , includes extensive revisions to chapter 12 on continuing resource s formerly known as serial s.

See also : catalog code and Paris Principles. In a more general sense, any brief explanatory or descriptive comment added to a document , text , catalog entry , etc. In a critical annotation , the commentary is evaluative. Also refers to the process of annotating a document or entry in a bibliography or catalog. Compare with abstract. In modern usage , a serial publication in any format , issued once a year example : Annual of Urdu Studies. The title of the publication may not contain the word "annual" example : Shakespeare Survey.

Compare with yearbook. See also : biennial , triennial , quadrennial , quinquennial , sexennial , septennial , and decennial. Also refers to a formal request to be considered for employment, usually made by filling out a form or by submitting a resume or curriculum vitae with cover letter in response to a job posting.

Each library develops its own application procedure, unless it is part of a larger organization that uses a uniform procedure. Also refers to the process of evaluating records to determine whether they are to be archived indefinitely, retained for a shorter period, or disposed of in some other way sold, donated, destroyed , etc.

The notation used in Dewey Decimal Classification is composed of arabic numeral s. They are also used in Library of Congress Classification notation to indicate subclass es, following letter s of the alphabet used to represent main class es and divisions.