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I Used Only Bing for 3 Months. Here's What I Found—and What I Didn't

List of Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines In the World (Updated 12222)

Google search history can be witnessed by taking a look at Google's homepage progressions over the years. It's remarkable to see how basic and primitive the now most popular search engine once was. A picture of the original Google search engine homepage, back when Google was part of stanford.

While Google is widely regarded as the most popular search engine, there are also a number of alternative search engines one can use. Different search engines exist for unique needs. For example, you may want a search engine to help you search for blogs specifically, or perhaps you want search engines for kids that only return sites appropriate for children.

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These free search engines enable you to easily find information that caters to your unique needs. In addition to standard search engines, there are deep web search engines as well. The deep web refers to areas of the internet that are not susceptible to normal indexing, and so can't easily be found and indexed by crawlers. These alternative search engines specialize in this not-easy-to-find data. Below is our top 10 internet search engines list. While deciding which is the "best" search engine depends on your unique wants and needs, below is a list of popular search engines, some more unique than others.

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How Search Engines Work. This is the fastest form of search. Archie The first search engine - it searched FTP sites to create index of downloadable files Due to limited space, only the listings were available and not for the contents for each site.

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Veronica Searched file names and titles stored in Gopher index systems. Jughead Also searched file names and titles in Gopher index systems, but only searched a single server at a time. Bot was soon upgraded to capture actual URLs Database was called Wandex Bot accessed same page hundreds of times a day and caused lag.

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Infoseek Webmasters could submit a page in realtime. EINet Galaxy Efficient in its utilization of different web search features Unnecessary library due to small size of Internet.

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Generally, people use search engines for one of three things: research, They are generally looking for answers or at least to data with which to make a. Search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo are the number one ways in The first thing you should do is understand why people use search engines.

Search Created by David Filo and Jerry Yang, beginning as a collection of favorable web pages that incuded a man-made description with each URL Increasing size influenced them to become a searchable directory Informational sites added for free, but they expanded to included commercial sites. WebCrawler First crawler that indexed entire pages, but was too popular to be used during daytime. Lycos Went public with catalog of 54, documents Ranked Relevance retrieval and used prefix matching and word proximity By August they had identified , documents; 1.

LookSmart Competed with Yahoo! Excite Created by six Stanford undergrads.

AltaVista Unlimited bandwidth for the first time First to allow natural language queries Advanced searching techniques Add or delete your own URL within 24 hours Search tips and new features. Inktomi: HotBot Search engine Hotbot listed on Hotwire Inktomi pioneered paid inclusion model, but was not as efficient as pay per click by Overture. Lycos identifies 60 million documents more than any other search engine. Easy to spam Uses clustering to organize sites by subject specific popularity local web communities.

Every winter, the technology blogosphere is replete with thought pieces about how the coming new year will be the year of social or some innovation.

While some may say that foretelling the growth of search in the coming year is akin to heralding the return of the palm pilot; I strongly beg to differ. It is my opinion that if an organization chooses to believe that no one will search for them online, they are leaving the field wide open for their competitor to dominate the organic search results.

However, a point of view, even one with industry experience to validate it, is still only an assumption. I partnered with my research colleagues at SurveyMonkey to gather hard data about the true state of search. We collected responses from nearly 4, people who had taken surveys on SurveyMonkey.

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Finally, once the data is processed, it is broken up into one or more files, moved to different computers, or loaded into memory where it can be accessed when a search is performed. What do search engines want? Below that, options: Videos. Sometimes they take different paths: going straight to favorite, familiar specialized portals; using URLs someone has recommended, or following links they come across. Interestingly, ranking improvement seemed to be isolated to the location of the people who visited the link.

Read more about our methodology here. To understand where search stood as an information gathering tool, we asked questions that put users in specific scenarios. The motivation behind this line of questioning was to give a real-world scenario where a user might choose between search and other available options. As an example, we asked users to choose where they would most likely turn to find a new dentist.

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Not surprisingly for this kind of need, many people would choose to text or call a friend or family member for a suggestion; however, a higher number 36 percent would turn to a search engine. Only a very small minority of 5 percent would rely on social media. When this data was cut by age, millennials were just as likely as the general population to use social media but were more likely to use search than those in the bucket.

It is currently ranked at position 4, in the Alexa Rankings. According to Alexa , Yandex. Yandex presents itself as a technology company that builds intelligent products and services powered by machine learning. According to DuckDuckGo traffic stats, they are serving on average 47 million searches per day but still their overall market share is constantly below 0. Unlike what most people believe, DuckDuckGo does not have a search index of their own like Google and Bing but they generate their search results using a variety of sources.

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This is a big limitation compared to Google that has a set of algorithms to determine the best results from all the websites available on the Internet. On the positive side, DuckDuck Go has a clean interface, it does not track users and it is not fully loaded with ads. Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, Ask.

It also has the general search functionality but the results returned lack quality compared to Google or even Bing and Yahoo. According to netmarketshare the old-time famous AOL is still in the top 10 search engines with a market share that is close to 0. The AOL network includes many popular web sites like engadget. They market it as a Computational Knowledge Engine which can give you facts and data for a number of topics. You can use it to find out how a web site looked since It is a very useful tool if you want to trace the history of a domain and examine how it has changed over the years.