Find identical files in other directories


You can ignore files smaller or larger than a certain size, and the default is to ignore files smaller than 1MB.

How to remove duplicate files using Parallels Toolbox

This is sensible as the main reason for removing duplicates is to free up disk space. Click Next and choose whether to ignore file names, file dates and hidden files.

Windows 10 Storage and Backup

It can make sense to tick the first two, as this will ensure photos, music and other files which were edited or transferred to your computer at different times but whose content is identical will still be found and the unwanted duplicates removed. In the next step you can enter a file name, or part of a name if you know you're looking for specific duplicates.

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Once you've done this, or left it blank, click Next. Finally, you can choose what happens to the duplicate files: put them in the Windows Recycle Bin, put them in the Rescue Centre or actually delete them. The first two let you recover any of the deleted files. You can make the window full screen to make it easier to see where the files are located, and there's the option to preview files just to make sure they are the same photo, for example.

Usefully, there's a drop-down Select menu where you can choose which of the duplicate files to delete. If you can't choose, there's the option to 'Select One in Each Group'. If it picks the photo in the folder you want to keep, you can Invert Selection to choose the other duplicate, but you may have to manually go through and choose which ones to keep and delete if you really want to keep one and not the other.

It will highlight a pair in red if you accidentally select both. The Software is split into different packs that focus upon different areas of your computer.

How to find and delete Duplicate Folders - Files from computer and Laptop ?

The ability to find and remove duplicate files is within the Disk and System Pack , but there are other packs that offer different features such as the Screen and Video pack and the Presentation pack. There is also a free trial on offer for some of the features here.

Paralells Toolbox makes removing duplicate files nice and simple as shown in the video below. Comparing files in different folders is very easy because Easy Duplicate Finder always lists the originals first in a group of duplicates.

Compare files in source and target folders in a couple of clicks

The right-hand side of the panel contains options that let you control how Opus searches for duplicates. Here you will find a visual representation of duplicates in two folders. If you want to exclude all folders named "bak", then you would simply type "bak" without the quotes and add it. Already have an account? TechSpot Account Sign up for free , it takes 30 seconds. Sign up for free , it takes 30 seconds.

This way you'll always know which file is the master and which is a copy. The program also prevents you from accidentally deleting the originals by asking you to confirm the deletion.

Best 4 tools to find and remove duplicate files in Windows 10

To compare files in different folders with Easy Duplicate Finder, select the Folder Comparison mode from the scan mode menu, add some source and target folders, and run a scan. Then simply delete the duplicates and keep the first file in each duplicate group. Forgot Password Login.