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If you know the book and page number of the deed, you may request it by mail. Be sure to enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for mail requests. How do I obtain a copy of my divorce? The Register of Deeds Office does not maintain divorce records. The Register of Deeds Office does not provide legal advice; it is advisable to see an attorney to draw up the proper papers.

If real estate is involved, the papers must be filed in our Office. Can the Register of Deeds tell me who owns property at a specific address? Does the Register of Deeds provide assistance with genealogy research? A UCC non-fixture is a security agreement on personal property that is recorded to protect the lender's, or secured party's, investment. In a security agreement, a loan of money is secured by personal property as collateral, thereby giving the lender rights in the property. All non-fixtures will be filed at the Secretary of State's Office only.

Effective July 1, , all original UCC's and amended UCC's to be filed in North Carolina will be filed at the Secretary of State's Office in Raleigh, unless the UCC or amendment form indicates that the document is to be filed in the real estate records of the local filing office and meets all requirements of Revised Article 9. Only financing statements or amendments whose collateral includes fixtures, timber to be cut, or as-extracted collateral should be filed in the local filing office.

Local filing offices will no longer perform searches on UCC's filed after June 30, Additional information and National Standard Forms may be obtained from the N. UCC Fees: Filing fees for initial financing statements, correction statements, and all amendments, including terminations:. When starting a new business, it is advisable to record your business name with the Register of Deeds Office.

Such business names are referred to as assumed names. This Office handles filings for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations doing business under an assumed name. Meanwhile, the Department of Secretary of State oversees the incorporation of businesses. Before filing the "doing business as" dba or assumed name certificate, it is recommended that you perform a name search to determine if the proposed business name has already been filed in Jones County.

The Register of Deeds Office cannot perform the name search for you, but it is happy to assist you with the name search. The completed form may be hand-delivered or mailed in for recording. To get forms, you may go to the Secretary of State website. Notary Information. Notary Law Amendments Effective October 1, North Carolina Notaries Public facilitate commerce when they perform the following notarial acts:.

The Departments of the Secretary of State and Community Colleges implement a Notary Public Education Program to assure notaries comply with the law and deliver quality notary service. The program educates notaries about legal, ethical and procedural requirements of notarial acts. North Carolina, the first state to do so, began notary training in ; several other states formally train notaries.

North Carolina remains in the vanguard of Notary Public education, testing, regulation and practice. Satisfaction Methods.

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Satisfaction by Presentation Ended October 1, Real Estate Search. Real Estate prior to Susan Gray, Register of Deeds P. Box Trenton, NC Fax sgray jonescountync. Additional birth information is available from the: Census Bureau PO Box Jeffersonville, IN North Carolina Vital Records can provide the necessary forms for you to obtain copies of birth and death certificates not held by this Office.

Documents recorded on or after July 1, , must meet GS b as follows: 1. Black type on white paper. Font size no smaller than 10 points Blanks in an instrument may be completed in pen and corrections to an instrument may be made in pen. Only one-sided typed or printed text 6. Type of instrument at top of first page below blank margin 7. The name of the preparer must be on page one of the document. Resolution NCGS The Register of Deeds of Jones County shall not accept deeds transfering real property for registeration where property is subject to delinquent taxes.

Send to: Register of Deeds P. Marriage License Requirements Marriage licenses are issued between the hours of am and pm, Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.

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All information in our Office is public record. How do I file separation papers? Property ownership information is provided by the Jones County Tax Department. However, You are very welcome to visit our office in search of your ancestry.

Filing an Assumed Name When starting a new business, it is advisable to record your business name with the Register of Deeds Office. North Carolina Notaries Public facilitate commerce when they perform the following notarial acts: Acknowledge signatures; Administer oaths and affirmations, and; Verify or prove signatures.

Box Raleigh, North Carolina e-mail: notary sosnc. Version: Susan Gray , Register of Deeds P. All other N. The chancellor concluded that no evidence had been presented as to a material change in circumstances adverse to the interest of the children, warranting a modification of child custody. However, the chancellor left the record open to allow the parties an opportunity to depose a psychologist, appointed by the court to evaluate the children's level of anxiety.

In the four months following the hearing, Jon failed to take the psychologist's deposition.

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Subsequently, on July 5, , the chancellor closed the record. On August 18, , the chancellor issued a written opinion, in which he found that each party owed the other mutually off-setting amounts, and denied either party a money judgment against the other. Additionally, the chancellor found Bobby's termination from his job to be a material change in circumstances, placing the parties on equal economic footing, and justifying a modification of his child support obligations, so that child support would no longer be required.

Further, the chancellor ordered that all future medical insurance and additional medical expenses be divided equally between the parties. Finally, neither Bobby nor Jon was found in contempt. Aggrieved by the judgment of the chancery court, Jon appeals, raising the following issues:. The scope of review in domestic relations matters is strictly limited. Bryant v.

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Bryant, So. Williams, So. Particularly in the areas of divorce, alimony and child support, this Court is required to uphold the findings of fact made by a chancellor that are supported by substantial evidence and are neither arbitrary nor capricious.

Circuit Clerk responsibilities:

In order to modify child custody orders, the moving party must prove that a material change in circumstances has occurred since the original decree, adverse to the best interest of the child. Mabus v. Mabus, So.

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Jon, in her cross-complaint, argued that the parties could not now, nor have they ever been able to, communicate with one another or work together regarding the joint child custody arrangement. Before rendering his opinion in the case sub-judice, the chancellor heard the testimony of the parties and reviewed the transcript and pleadings from the original divorce, which included an analysis of the applicable factors under Albright v. Albright, So. The chancellor then rendered his opinion recognizing the strained relationship between the parties.

However, the chancellor noted that by Jon's own admission, this strained condition existed at the time of the original judgment of divorce. Accordingly, the chancellor determined that Jon had failed to present any evidence showing a material change adverse to the children since the original judgment, and that it remained in the best interest of the children to continue under the original joint custody order.

Court of Appeals of Mississippi.

Wilson, of the 43rd Tennessee infantry, was sent to intercept this force. Mississippi Court Records and other Resources Links to state and local court records, general Mississippi court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in Mississippi. North Carolina remains in the vanguard of Notary Public education, testing, regulation and practice. Dealing with family law issues? These courts also conduct preliminary and bond hearings in felony cases. Search Public Records by Name.

On appeal, Jon argues that she and Bobby never agreed to an award of joint custody, and under Morris v. Morris, So. Crider, So.

However, Jon concedes in her own brief, that Morris has been overturned. Since Albright, our supreme court has been unwavering in its conviction that the polestar consideration when determining child custody is the best interest of the child, and where the chancellor determines that the best interests of the child are served by joint custody, such may be ordered with or without the agreement of the parties.

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Records and preserves all Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Power of Attorneys, Uniform Receives, files and maintains all papers related to Divorces, Child Custody. Serves as clerk to county, youth, and circuit courts; Receives and maintains all court and maintains all records of marriage licenses; County Registrar: Registers new If applicants have previously been married and divorced or lost a spouse.

Accordingly, Jon's argument that the agreement of the parties was required in order for joint custody to be granted is without merit. The chancellor applied the appropriate legal standard, and his decision not to modify custody was neither arbitrary, capricious, nor an abuse of discretion.