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I need to clear an arrest from my record (expunction)

Do not waste your money, give your confidential information, or blow what may be your only chance to clear your record by using anyone other than a licensed attorney.

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We have compiled a list of non-attorney websites you should avoid at all cost. If you were convicted and served time in state prison, your only option is a pardon from the Texas governor.

2. How to Expunge Your Texas Criminal Record: Free Expungement Forms

The form can be downloaded for free through the Texas government website, by clicking here. Once expunged, the release, dissemination or use of expunged records by any agency is prohibited. Unless being questioned under […].

1. What is Expungement? Learn All About Texas Expungement Law Here

The release, dissemination or use of expunged records by any agency is prohibited. Unless […]. Setting aside of a conviction in Texas restores the right to bear arms except in certain domestic violence cases. If you were convicted in Texas and successfully completed probation, you are eligible to have your conviction set aside and have […].

Your juvenile record may be available to law enforcement, educational institutions, licensing agencies, and even employers.

Expungement Definitions and Types

Sealing prevents anyone from accessing your juvenile records except in criminal proceedings. You may be eligible for sealing if two years have passed since […]. The first step to removing your criminal record is to find out what, if anything, is showing up on your criminal background.

If you are unsure of what exactly is holding you back from jobs or any of lives other opportunities we highly recommend visiting our partner, BackgroundChecks. They are the largest law firm dedicated to criminal record removal and have excellent ratings.

How to expunge your record without a attorney

You can take their free online eligibility test to quickly find out the best way to clear your criminal record. Visit RecordGone. Always ask these three critical questions: 1.

What Is Expungement?

Even through setbacks they were able to pull through. You will still need to disclose information about past criminal activity when required, but a pardon will offset the impact of that record to some degree. The same also applies when making an application for a mortgage or a credit card in some cases as well. Do-it-Yourself: Expungement. You can do this by searching your states criminal database for your record link available during questionnaire. Contact Us.

Clearing your criminal record is a great investment in yourself and your future. Protect yourself and your investment by asking those three questions. Here are some other questions you may want to ask: How many expungement cases have you had granted?

San Antonio Expungement Attorney

Need a background check? Choose Your Username:. Enter Your Email Address:. Accordingly, I have placed the following documents here for your review as well as in my online Digital Library.

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This toolkit tells you how to clear an arrest from your record (expunction). if there is an upcoming legal clinic near you; Use Ask a Question to chat online with a. Responsibilities relate to expunction of criminal history record information, restricted the requirements and procedures to properly expunge records in Texas.

I believe that these checklists, summaries, and forms are very helpful and useful and I want to share this info to help people in need of a second chance, if possible. Comments are welcomed here and I will respond to you -- but please, no requests for personal legal advice here and nothing that's promoting your business or product.

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