Copy of a mexican birth certificate

Mexicans Living in U.S. Can Now Obtain Birth Certificates

That means Sonoma County residents who were born on Mexican soil will only have to travel about 50 miles to San Francisco for certified copies of their birth certificates, instead of wait for a relative to slip the document in the mail, which some say can be unreliable. However, the person must have been registered after birth at one of the government offices in Mexico, a challenge for those who lived in remote villages.


She said many of them cannot afford to travel back home to get them because of their undocumented status, so they turn to relatives to pick up the record at a government office in their birth state. That has happened often, she said. Others reported problems finding family still living in their birth state, said Manuel Rivera, a lead immigration counselor at Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa.

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Families move out of the states, making it challenging for those in the U. About 45, residents in the county were born in Mexico, according to U.

To make an appointment for a birth certificate, call ext. Please enter the email address for your Disqus account to join the comments. You must be logged in as a subscriber to access the comments section. Learn why. Anything shipped over national borders tends to be more expensive. Documents should appear somewhere between business days after you complete the form.

How to Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate From Mexico

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Like the United States, Mexico is divided into individual states which are federated into one nation. Mexico has 31 distinct political divisions or states, some of which you probably know and some of which are obscure to Americans and Mexican-Americans alike. In some cases, if you speak Spanish, you may be able to call the state office and request a copy by telephone.

However, this right varies by state. Some of the states may also have online forms you can use to make the request. You may have to register your birth before you can get a copy of your certificate. There is a procedure for doing that. The Mexican consulate can explain how to do this to you. Familiarize yourself with these and which one you were born in.

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Allow about 2 months to complete the process. Also, it is a good idea to arrange for delivery to a US address through a commercial service like UPS, Federal Express, DHL, or Estafeta because these companies will provide you with tracking information from start to finish. They have an English-language website to accomodate your background records needs, so you should be able to communicate with their employees in English.

Birth Certificates

In the Mexican government initiated a new program whereby its citizens may obtain birth certificates from 50 Mexican Consulate offices located throughout the United States. This new program greatly simplifies the process of requesting copies of your birth certificate and is especially helpful for people who need to know how to get a Mexican birth certificate in the California or New Mexico or other border states like Texas and Arizona. You can find details of the various Mexican consulate offices here. Actaexpress immediately sent account info to send money!

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If it says so on your translation, then it sounds like you did catch someone on the wrong side of the bed. Raf, my apostillized birth certificate arrived today and everything on the apostille is in triplicate — English, French, and Spanish. I plan to go there today. I am 35 years old, and I was recently added by my father. That flight was just to go to Houston. Leave Comment Cancel.

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